12006167_10153516068780295_2291002622166946163_nI was born in Leicester and grew up in the Isle of Man. I ran away to London to train as an actor at drama school in 2009. I’ve worked in theatres all around London, on site specific interactive children’s theatre, voiceovers, audiobooks, audio comedy, audio drama, commercials, idents, and leading roles in short films.

Over the last year I’ve interviewed at Cygnus Alpha, the Blake’s 7 Convention; reprised Tyler Smith (a character written for me) for Bad Bat with King Chaos this summer; assisted Raindance on their directing courses as an actor, and continued my relationship with Heathcliff Heroics, playing a butterfly collector on garden tours around Hever Castle and teaching archery (yes, teaching archery – hello, Game of Thrones).  I’m an experienced sight-reader, participating in various groups including Script Tank and London Liars’ League (honoured with awards for ‘Most Valued Player (Actor)’  2012 and 2013).

I recently played Tebecai in the Horus Heresy audio The Heart of the Pharos from The Black Library, a Knight in the new Robin of Sherwood audio play, Knights of the Apocalypse, with Jason Connery, Ray Winstone and Freddie Fox, and Sherlock Holmes for further episodes of www.copyrightuser.org’s educational animations.

Later this year I will be playing Kenith Trodd in Room 5064, the story of Alan Bennett and Dennis Potter at the BBC, directed by Graeme Harper, and am looking forward to filming a role in indie movie “Benchmarks”.

My ever-evolving showreel’s current cut is below. More footage to be added soon! I hope you enjoy looking around my site.

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