Cliff Chapman has voiced numerous characters for Games Workshop audio dramas for The Black Library on CD, download and Audible, as well as Sherlock Holmes in the educational Copyright User cartoon series The Game Is On and Sebastian Scream in the Big Finish Pathfinder Legends drama, Escape From Old Korvosa. 

Short film roles include the lead in Battle of Ronaldsway and featured roles in The Christmas Party.

Commercial work includes BBC Worldwide, the Scottish Government, Dulux and LariosGin.


Equity logoHe is an archery instructor, enjoys running and playing escape room games, writing, current affairs and striving for quality in an increasingly strained industry. He enjoys his involvement with Equity, sitting on the W&SW Branch committee.

Directing work includes Passages To Somewhere at The Hen and Chickens Theatre and audiobooks for Fantom Films.

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