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Headshot by Janica Koivusalo

Cliff Chapman is represented for voiceover by Suzy Wootton Voices, and for screen and other media by Free Your Style.

He has voiced numerous lead and ensemble characters in Warhammer audio dramas (including the Elysia and award winning Agents of the Throne trilogies), and the alternative Alien III by William Gibson and Neil Gaiman’s multiple award winning The Sandman (Ep 17: Calliope) both directed by Dirk Maggs for Audible. For Big Finish, lead and guest roles include Pathfinder LegendsThe Worlds of Blake’s 7: Avalon, (recurring) Happy Ever After in the Restoration: 2 set, and several roles in the four part anthology story, Doctor Who: Blood on Santa’s Claw and Other Stories. He has also been Sherlock Holmes in the educational online cartoon series The Game Is On, and Watson for Les Enfant Terribles’ online Sherlock Holmes experience, The Case of the Hung Parliament. He features as the villainous Crowley in Pinna/Final Rune’s US children’s audio drama, Dream Breachers.

Short film roles include the lead in The Battle of Ronaldsway for Isle of Man film.

Commercial work includes BBC Worldwide, the Scottish Government, Dulux* and Larios Gin.


Cliff now lives in the Netherlands, close to Leiden, with good links to Amsterdam and Gouda, but is always happy to travel back (under normal circumstances) for voice and acting roles in the UK. He has a home studio.

*No, he wasn’t the dog.

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