New Venture: Free Resources For Actors Community

As actors, we’re often asked to work for free – you simply make the call as to whether the project is worth doing, how useful it might be in showcasing you for the paid stuff, and how much time you can devote to it. I’d never advocate saying ‘yes’ to absolutely everything, but I wouldn’t rule out working for free.

I owe my training, several headshot sessions, various roofs over my head, sofas for beds, meals and coffees to acts of kindness and generosity – some of which WILL be paid back monetarily as soon as possible, some of which came with no expectation whatsoever other than gratitude… but if there’s anything I can do…

What’s nice is that it’s easy to forget that while many can’t or won’t pay actors to use them, many people are also more than willing to ‘pay it forward’ and help actors – and there’s not an obvious one-stop-shop for people to exchange information. They often probably don’t even some actors need help.

Free Resources For Actors is a Facebook Group and a Twitter hub  – for now, watch this space – run by myself and Sophie Morris-Shepherd, after a conversation on an actor’s network.

If people can offer headshots, showreels, training, rehearsal space, haircuts, web design, life consultancy, personal training, proof-reading, counselling, costumes, books, love, cake for free, or bartering for another service, then it’s a resource that can benefit everyone. There’s nothing to say that service providers won’t end up with paid business on the back of it; it’s not *a* charity, but it’s a little bit of mutual charity…

Check out

Twitter: @Actorsfree

Offer something. See how you get on!

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