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2016 Highlights

A festive list of 2016 GOOD THINGS.
Ilse, my girlfriend, didn’t get sick of me, and having spent our first “fag end of the New Year together” last year, we’re spending our first ACTUAL CHRISTMAS TOGETHER this year.
Thanks to a kind introduction, I did my first Black Library Games Workshop audio drama last year and have been back several times. This is literally awesome, and I love it. Four of them are available to download, one of them is on physical CD, and several more are coming next year! Lovely team, always great fun.
Because of this, and finally getting to meet the lovely Ian Brooker after years of knowing him online, I got to work for Big Finish at last, on one of their non-Doctor Who ranges. The story’s up online although the cast list isn’t yet, so looking forward to sticking that on the CV. (Assuming they don’t ditch me.)
And inbetween the two I got to be in Robin of Sherwood: Knights of the Apocalypse, doing lots of little voices.
Battle of Ronaldsway came out, and people liked it, and that gave me an interesting and educational little IOM trip in September I didn’t expect.
My charity Doctor Who anthology, A Time Lord For Change, finally came out after a goodly while, people seem to like it, and it’s sold well. Had a couple of bits in Celestial Toyroom, including the free online pdf annual, and for We Are Cult. 
Loads of great times with Heathcliff Heroics at Hever Castle, particularly Edwardian Butterflies and Knight School. And surviving Storm Katie when sleeping in a tent. That’s got to be a good thing.
David and Tatyana who gave me work and friendly support and let me cuddle Maisie.
Stephen Yeo who introduced me to Kent Life and his lovely team.
Room 5064 was a very exciting week in January. It’s still on the boil, so while I hoped it’d be done by now, I’m still looking forward to it.
Wrote a play, with a beginning, a middle and an end, which has been read round a table and is still a work in progress. And might have sent a draft off to a famous theatre, just to see what they say really.
New friends – From Hever, Games Workshop, and especially good times with Ayvianna Snow and Ashleigh Loeb, as well as other kind and caring friends who have been around for a while and still haven’t got sick of me, or at least have but haven’t had the heart to tell me, like Tre Clemister, Carrie Cohen, Silas Hawkins, Liam Hogan, Katy Darby, Francis Charlton and the Hebden massive, Adrian R and Gareth K… Liar’s Leaguers, Script Tank, Zoe McAden, Mr DazerLove, and Isle of Man buddies who know who they are. Muscutt. Varnom. Pinkerton. Power. Poyntz. Andrea. Me mam.
Oh, and Ayvianna gets special mention for getting me to stop moaning about the bleakness of the industry and actually get involved with Equity. And now I’m on the most dynamic branch’s committee and met Spotlight with the lovely chairman, Malcolm Ward. And it turns out positive change is possible.
And Power of the Daleks was animated – as I drift away from Doctor Who a bit, there are still things about it I can be really enthusiastic about.
So there we go.
(Everything associated with Brexit, Trump, the death of scores of heroes and the change of showrunner on a certain franchise suck pustulent donkey balls of course, but those are to be commiserated another time…)

Perpetual on The Black Library Advent Calendar

In which I play Bale Rane! For £2.99, enjoy a rollicking skirmish by Dan Abnett.

The Calculus of Battle on The Black Library Advent Calendar

For £2.99, experience The Calculus of Battle! In which I suppose you could say I play a sort of “Space Jarvis” 🙂 I’m in quite a bit of the trailer, too…

News and New Showreel

Ahoy there!

It’s been a busy time – A Time Lord For Change comes out soon, I’ve been back to Nottingham to record more Games Workshop audio adventures (more on that soon) and I’ve even fulfilled a long held ambition to work for Big Finish (more on that soon too – it’s not Doctor Who, but it is splendid.)

I’ve been educating and entertaining at Hever and Kent Life, and Battle of Ronaldsway is out and doing the festival circuit – there’s an exclusive clip in my NEW SHOWREEL too.

Please check it out and show it to anyone making a short film, feature, TV comedy or drama series, or commercial. Ta. X





I’m very excited to be appearing in the forthcoming indie movie, Benchmarks –  wonderful script I read several years ago round a table which is becoming a reality!

I’m even more excited to see the talented people I’ll be working with – and as a Doctor Who fan, working with Ian Reddington will be a thrill! He was one of the very best villains of my childhood, watching the show!

Please help us fund it if you can. As you know, many creatives tend to cling on to the poverty line and anything people can do to assist with the production would be enormously appreciated.

You don’t have to donate one of the perk-related amounts (although you get awesome perks!) – a fiver or a tenner would be just as marvellous to get the ball rolling.

Please donate and please share!

Thanks so much!


The Heart of the Pharos

The Heart of the Pharos is here! Only £6.99 (download only). It’s a fantastic, eerie sci fi adventure and I loved recording it, up at Games Workshop HQ in Nottingham. 

Warhammer 40k was a big feature of my early teens, so having played and painted a lot of them, it was brilliant to play a Space Marine!