King Chaos – two nights left! (Friday, Saturday 14-15th Aug, 7.45, Tristan Bates)

Some lovely things being said! Check out Twitter for a ticket competition too!

“The antics of intergalactic cretins Tyler and Gary, have become one of the regular highlights of the Camden Fringe. I’m a fan!… King Chaos sets a cracking pace right from the start and never lets up. Cliff Chapman as Tyler Smith and Adam Joselyn as Gary Patches are joined this time round by Emma Stirling as Sponge and Robert Dearn as King Jeffrey. All are excellent and clearly having fun – their enjoyment is infectious… Steve Jordan has created a wonderfully silly and comic sci-fi universe that, with all its nods and winks to other works, stands very much on its own two feet.” (Camden Fringe Voyeur)
“German references aside, the play isn’t burdened by Sturm und Drang and the family of actors who we’ve gotten to know from previous shows, share the same degree of camaraderie and comic timing as before.” (* * * * FemaleArts)

“The on-stage dynamic between all of them is very close.. If you’ve seen Jordan’s work at either or both of the last two Camden Fringes, this is your chance to say goodbye to his characters and watch as one last time they stumble to glory. It however won’t be the last time this motley bunch come together to entertain us – Bad Bat have established themselves as seriously hot talent in sci-fi comedy and will surely continue to capitalise on that well-earned reputation. In space, no one can hear you scream. In the Tristan Bates, everyone can you hear you laughing. Because you are.” (* * * * Views From The Gods)
“All four performers Cliff Chapman, Adam Joselyn, Emma Stirling and Robert Dearn are strong in their roles and display a good sense of comic timing, working well off of one another to good comedic effect… The larger-than-life character of the whole production actually does an excellent job of placing the audience into the world of the Syndicate vs the Federation.” (Everything Theatre)
“The lovable characters and witty, at times deep, remarks on issues are the charm of the play… Cliff Chapman [delivers a] genuine and emotional portrayal of Tyler. Whenever he is on stage, he doesn’t seem to act but live his part. what is most fascinating about this play is how Steve Jordan with his words, and the cast with their acting, paint pictures and create an entire world in a completely empty space. As a Fringe play, the production is naturally somewhat low-budget and relies on minimal props. Almost unbelievably, “King Chaos” absolutely succeeds in making the audience imagine the different settings of an imperial spaceship. Bad Bat Productions is playing to their strengths by not forcedly putting on a cheap SciFi stage but focusing on doing justice to the script instead.” WestEnd Wilma

Not -Frequently- Asked-Enough Questions

I’d like to say this was a tongue-in-cheek post, but I’m actually deadly serious.

So you write and direct as well as act? Isn’t that a problem?

Not at all. I am actor, who occasionally directs. If I’m acting in your production, that doesn’t mean I will spend it trying to direct it as well. As an occasional director, I understand the needs of a production and *if* called upon, might be able to help with any issues that arise. Otherwise I get on with it and act. Variety of experience is an advantage, not a risk.

Do you have a valid passport?

Yes, I do. Being an actor I can’t afford a holiday, so please cast me in your overseas shoots to get some pretty stamps in it. Thank you.

You have a beard in some pictures/videos. I’d like to cast you but the character just doesn’t have facial hair, sorry.

I have a razor too.

You have long hair. I’d like to cast you, but the character definitely has short hair.

I will get a haircut.

I met you the other night. You seemed a nice, gentle sort. Do you know anyone who could play a hard nosed villain?

Yes. Me. I’m an actor. I have spent a great deal of time working on the techniques whereby one convincingly pretends to be people completely different to oneself.

Good. Thanks!


Here’s a little two-minute clip reel featuring me doing stuff. Bit of talking at the beginning and end. Comedy faffing about in the middle, with my big old expressive face. Two minutes, count. Just two minutes!

A Time Lord For Change

I’m putting together a collection of Doctor Who Drabbles for charity – It’s called A Time Lord For Change, in aid of

What’s a Drabble? It’s a (very) short story, exactly 100 words long. (You don’t count the title).

The idea is to write a Drabble related to every TV story, plus a chapter for any ephemera (ie, spin offs, specials, books, comics, audios etc). They can be funny, serious, both, pastiches, prequels, sequels or in-story events from a character’s point of view, letters, emails, tweets, poems, songs, emails, insurance claims, accident reports… whatever you like.

There are still around one hundred titles available, with a lot of recognised classics and goodly numbers of post 2005 slots available.

To participate, check out the Facebook group here:

The Twitter account here:

Or email direct:

Gary Plays For Manchester United

My first commission, from the marvellous pen of Steve Maggs.

Gary is a troubled soul. A challenging, NSFW monologue, performed and produced by me. Hope you like it.

NB: The piece contains language and themes unsuitable for younger listeners.

I’ll Record Your Short Story For You!

Have you written a short story and would like a professional reading of it?

Contact me and I will record and edit a high quality version, delivering the result via MP3.

As Liar’s League’s MVP two years running, I can deliver a nuanced, high quality audio copy for you to enjoy.

Please email the story, with any notes on accents and pronunciations, and I will quote a rate.


Christmas News

So it’s been a nice December so far. I was runner-up for Actor of the Year, 2013 at Player Playwrights at the Christmas party, and for the second year running, was enormously surprised and delighted to receive ‘Most Valued Player’ (Acting) at Liars’ League. A massive thanks to Katy and Liam, Cherry and Alex, the superb writers for writing wonderful things to say, the other incredibly talented actors for all being wonderful company and terrific to watch and learn from, and the audience for listening and giving so much lovely energy to bounce back and forth.

‘The Silver Skates’ at Hever Castle continues Friday night, and daytimes Saturday and Sunday. I’m off to the Isle of Man to spend Christmas with my mum after the 22nd, but I’ve not booked it yet, and will most likely be back somewhere around the first week of Jan.

There’s lots of work with Heathcliff Heroics to come, a little more Paradox Series filming, and hopefully more Liars, but in terms of theatre, film and TV… it’s all an open book.

As for the rest of the world… have a very merry Time of the Doctor and a Happy Peter Capaldi. 😉

New Venture: Free Resources For Actors Community

As actors, we’re often asked to work for free – you simply make the call as to whether the project is worth doing, how useful it might be in showcasing you for the paid stuff, and how much time you can devote to it. I’d never advocate saying ‘yes’ to absolutely everything, but I wouldn’t rule out working for free.

I owe my training, several headshot sessions, various roofs over my head, sofas for beds, meals and coffees to acts of kindness and generosity – some of which WILL be paid back monetarily as soon as possible, some of which came with no expectation whatsoever other than gratitude… but if there’s anything I can do…

What’s nice is that it’s easy to forget that while many can’t or won’t pay actors to use them, many people are also more than willing to ‘pay it forward’ and help actors – and there’s not an obvious one-stop-shop for people to exchange information. They often probably don’t even some actors need help.

Free Resources For Actors is a Facebook Group and a Twitter hub  – for now, watch this space – run by myself and Sophie Morris-Shepherd, after a conversation on an actor’s network.

If people can offer headshots, showreels, training, rehearsal space, haircuts, web design, life consultancy, personal training, proof-reading, counselling, costumes, books, love, cake for free, or bartering for another service, then it’s a resource that can benefit everyone. There’s nothing to say that service providers won’t end up with paid business on the back of it; it’s not *a* charity, but it’s a little bit of mutual charity…

Check out

Twitter: @Actorsfree

Offer something. See how you get on!

#actors, #help, #philanthropy

Domain name bought

OK, so it took a while but exists! Exciting!

Other current news…

Working with Heathcliff Heroics continues to delight. Teaching archery and putting together children’s plays for an Edwardian Christmas at Hever Castle.

Delighted to contribute to Preachr’s Podcast’s original Doctor Who audio dramas and lend a voice to talented young fan Robin Burchill’s Youtube dramas. Fan productions can see future talent blossom and the young chaps involved have bright futures ahead of them.

Paradox Series draws closer. Can’t wait to film my bit.

I will be reading short stories at Liar’s League: Cloak and Dagger on Tuesday 12th November, and at Lewisham Library for Arachne Press on the 5th December.

Recent projects have included lovely roles in Player Playwrights, working with a writer on an exciting ‘alternative history’ play, moving house, selling wine and food in the office job, representing Francis Charlton’s wonderful art at the Misty Moon Gallery, being a guest judge at the Misty Moon Halloween Short Festival (meeting thoroughly lovely stars Rutanya Alda, Heather Ripley and Caroline Munro) and finding a karaoke on my doorstep.

Hmm… karaoke… you know, that gives me an idea…

More on that story later.

The Story Garden

Had a great time recording vocalisations for this – and the animation is just gorgeous. Hats off to Alex Mallinson and Ayesha Antoine… and the voice of the announcer at the beginning is Nick “The Daleks” Briggs… so that’s very exciting 😀

#animation, #voiceover