Christmas News

So it’s been a nice December so far. I was runner-up for Actor of the Year, 2013 at Player Playwrights at the Christmas party, and for the second year running, was enormously surprised and delighted to receive ‘Most Valued Player’ (Acting) at Liars’ League. A massive thanks to Katy and Liam, Cherry and Alex, the superb writers for writing wonderful things to say, the other incredibly talented actors for all being wonderful company and terrific to watch and learn from, and the audience for listening and giving so much lovely energy to bounce back and forth.

‘The Silver Skates’ at Hever Castle continues Friday night, and daytimes Saturday and Sunday. I’m off to the Isle of Man to spend Christmas with my mum after the 22nd, but I’ve not booked it yet, and will most likely be back somewhere around the first week of Jan.

There’s lots of work with Heathcliff Heroics to come, a little more Paradox Series filming, and hopefully more Liars, but in terms of theatre, film and TV… it’s all an open book.

As for the rest of the world… have a very merry Time of the Doctor and a Happy Peter Capaldi. 😉