Audiobook Director

Familiar with studio constraints, working with actors, producers and editors, aiming for clean sound and concise performances that are a pleasure to listen to. Actors I’ve directed on audio include John Leeson and Ray Brooks.

Drama Coach

Whether a complete beginner or an experienced actor keen to develop certain skills, I can identify areas to work on and provide exercises and projects to build up or exercise skills with patience, humour and empathy. Vocal and physical exercises, monologue work, text analysis, light on theory/dogma and heavy on practicality, combining elements of Stanislavsky and common sense. Clients include an actress recently awarded a role in an upcoming feature as a result of my drama and audition coaching.

Audio Recording

Give your prose and monologues the best possible work-in-progress test; how do they sound coming from a professional actor? I will work with you to commit your words to an MP3 for you to keep and share without rights restrictions. Promote your work, enjoy hearing your words come to life, and use it as an invaluable editing tool to cut and clarify effectively. Clients include writers Steve Maggs and Simon A Forward.


Whilst you wouldn’t find me rocking a suit in a fashion section (probably – never say never), photographers enjoy my quirky, versatile looks and for fun shoots for all sorts of projects, I’m more than happy to be a muse.