King Chaos – two nights left! (Friday, Saturday 14-15th Aug, 7.45, Tristan Bates)

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“The antics of intergalactic cretins Tyler and Gary, have become one of the regular highlights of the Camden Fringe. I’m a fan!… King Chaos sets a cracking pace right from the start and never lets up. Cliff Chapman as Tyler Smith and Adam Joselyn as Gary Patches are joined this time round by Emma Stirling as Sponge and Robert Dearn as King Jeffrey. All are excellent and clearly having fun – their enjoyment is infectious… Steve Jordan has created a wonderfully silly and comic sci-fi universe that, with all its nods and winks to other works, stands very much on its own two feet.” (Camden Fringe Voyeur)
“German references aside, the play isn’t burdened by Sturm und Drang and the family of actors who we’ve gotten to know from previous shows, share the same degree of camaraderie and comic timing as before.” (* * * * FemaleArts)

“The on-stage dynamic between all of them is very close.. If you’ve seen Jordan’s work at either or both of the last two Camden Fringes, this is your chance to say goodbye to his characters and watch as one last time they stumble to glory. It however won’t be the last time this motley bunch come together to entertain us – Bad Bat have established themselves as seriously hot talent in sci-fi comedy and will surely continue to capitalise on that well-earned reputation. In space, no one can hear you scream. In the Tristan Bates, everyone can you hear you laughing. Because you are.” (* * * * Views From The Gods)
“All four performers Cliff Chapman, Adam Joselyn, Emma Stirling and Robert Dearn are strong in their roles and display a good sense of comic timing, working well off of one another to good comedic effect… The larger-than-life character of the whole production actually does an excellent job of placing the audience into the world of the Syndicate vs the Federation.” (Everything Theatre)
“The lovable characters and witty, at times deep, remarks on issues are the charm of the play… Cliff Chapman [delivers a] genuine and emotional portrayal of Tyler. Whenever he is on stage, he doesn’t seem to act but live his part. what is most fascinating about this play is how Steve Jordan with his words, and the cast with their acting, paint pictures and create an entire world in a completely empty space. As a Fringe play, the production is naturally somewhat low-budget and relies on minimal props. Almost unbelievably, “King Chaos” absolutely succeeds in making the audience imagine the different settings of an imperial spaceship. Bad Bat Productions is playing to their strengths by not forcedly putting on a cheap SciFi stage but focusing on doing justice to the script instead.” WestEnd Wilma