Domain name bought

OK, so it took a while but exists! Exciting!

Other current news…

Working with Heathcliff Heroics continues to delight. Teaching archery and putting together children’s plays for an Edwardian Christmas at Hever Castle.

Delighted to contribute to Preachr’s Podcast’s original Doctor Who audio dramas and lend a voice to talented young fan Robin Burchill’s Youtube dramas. Fan productions can see future talent blossom and the young chaps involved have bright futures ahead of them.

Paradox Series draws closer. Can’t wait to film my bit.

I will be reading short stories at Liar’s League: Cloak and Dagger on Tuesday 12th November, and at Lewisham Library for Arachne Press on the 5th December.

Recent projects have included lovely roles in Player Playwrights, working with a writer on an exciting ‘alternative history’ play, moving house, selling wine and food in the office job, representing Francis Charlton’s wonderful art at the Misty Moon Gallery, being a guest judge at the Misty Moon Halloween Short Festival (meeting thoroughly lovely stars Rutanya Alda, Heather Ripley and Caroline Munro) and finding a karaoke on my doorstep.

Hmm… karaoke… you know, that gives me an idea…

More on that story later.