Website Tweakery

Big update – lots of news, some design tweaks, and, finally, a brand new gallery with a recent shoot from Andrew Patrick, and lots of rather unhelpful, in hindsight, pics dumped! This is me, pretty much right now.

Do not panic if you meet me with glasses. They *are* a removable accessory! And the hair, both on top and around the face, can be grown or trimmed very quickly either way!

This is the first proper shoot I’ve had with longish hair, actually.

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Now represented by London Voiceover

Now represented by London Voiceover

In addition to continuing a great relationship with Meredith Westwood Management Limited for stage and screen, I’m delighted to announce that London Voiceover has added me to their books. They’re lovely and their website is very swish – have a gander!

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Pilgrim Shadow at the Tristan Bates, 29th July – 3rd August

Tyler’s Alive! And Gary too. Come and see Pilgrim Shadow (which doesn’t require you to have seen Dead Static, although it is set in the same world)!

We’re playing at the marvellous Tristan Bates Theatre (The Actor’s Centre, Covent Garden) at 7.30 each night for the opening week of the Camden Fringe.

We’re one of the Fringe Review’s early top ten picks, and Dead Static had some lovely reviews.

Do come and see us – and do please book in advance if at all possible!

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Listen To Your Legs

I’m on TV in Scotland!  A national health campaign to encourage walking. It’a directed by the very lovely Simon Levene and if you want to see it, it’s here…

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Charlie Parker, Not Parker Knoll

A marvellous story by Alan McCormick for Liar’s League, last week. And I got to read it…

Event #1: Success

Event #1: Success.

My first live acting gig of 2013 – blimey, all those people – was great fun. Got some books, and was staggered by the talent of writers, poets and singer-songwriters. Lovely night.

Pilgrim Shadow

We had the first read-through for Pilgrim Shadow, a brand new play set in the Dead Static universe, last Saturday. Really enjoyed it, lots of great jokes again, and lots of surprises. It’ll happen in 2013, but we’re not sure when, yet.

I’m working my way through Pete’s short stories, have cast my Liar’s League votes, and hoping to get new video and audio showreels online within the next week. Now I’ve said it, it’s got to happen!

Site Admin, Upcoming Projects, Podge

Well, the site’s a couple of days old now and I’m addicted to tweaking/refining things. You’ll now find that most of the productions/companies on the intro page are clickable, and the good news is that while I’m still not sure how to fix the “Tiny text in IE” issue, the website seems ok on most other browsers.

The next couple of weeks are nicely busy already – shape the first draft of the Children of Earth essay; read*60* Liar’s League stories and be all opinionated about them; annotate and record a dozen or so short stories; do another Totnes FM jingle session; get on top of some Player Playwrights online admin now I’ve cut my teeth here; go to readings for two new plays I’ve been cast in this year, and work out a way to obliterate winter podge in a way that isn’t deeply boring (Running you say? In the cold? And it’s just one foot, then another foot, then another foot, and not much more variation apart from that? In the cold? And you can’t have chocolate?).

As it’s January, and there’s rent, and unhealthy food is largely considerably cheaper than unhealthy food, I am willing and able to squeeze in more paid work on top of this. Perhaps just possibly favouring voice work over full artistic nudity for now.


Browsers/Tiny Text

Right, with all new things, there are invariably teething problems, and for some reason, viewing this site using IE on PCs seems to render the text on the welcome page in miniscule point. It looks fine in Chrome on a Mac and the mobile version, viewed through Dolphin Browser on an Android phone, is also fine.

Comments about browsers/OSs where it a) looks fine b) doesn’t would be appreciated, and if anyone’s a WordPress Whizz, please drop me a solution if you can – I don’t want anyone messing up their eyesight on my behalf!

All I can suggest until I can mess about with it properly tonight is to try Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Opera, if you can, and see how you get on!

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You And Who

The first volume of You And Who, a fantastic Doctor Who anthology for Children in Need edited by J.R. Southall is available now from MIWK Publishing, here:…

You And Who 2: Contact Has Been Made is due later this year in time for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, and features articles on just about every classic Who story. I’ve very pleased to have contributed a piece on The Tomb of The Cybermen.

The third volume, for 2014, subtitled Something Borrowed, Something Blue, features the New Series and Spin Offs, and for that, I’m currently working on a piece for the revelatory and brilliant Torchwood: Children of Earth.

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