Site Admin, Upcoming Projects, Podge

Well, the site’s a couple of days old now and I’m addicted to tweaking/refining things. You’ll now find that most of the productions/companies on the intro page are clickable, and the good news is that while I’m still not sure how to fix the “Tiny text in IE” issue, the website seems ok on most other browsers.

The next couple of weeks are nicely busy already – shape the first draft of the Children of Earth essay; read*60* Liar’s League stories and be all opinionated about them; annotate and record a dozen or so short stories; do another Totnes FM jingle session; get on top of some Player Playwrights online admin now I’ve cut my teeth here; go to readings for two new plays I’ve been cast in this year, and work out a way to obliterate winter podge in a way that isn’t deeply boring (Running you say? In the cold? And it’s just one foot, then another foot, then another foot, and not much more variation apart from that? In the cold? And you can’t have chocolate?).

As it’s January, and there’s rent, and unhealthy food is largely considerably cheaper than unhealthy food, I am willing and able to squeeze in more paid work on top of this. Perhaps just possibly favouring voice work over full artistic nudity for now.