A Time Lord For Change

I’m putting together a collection of Doctor Who Drabbles for charity – It’s called A Time Lord For Change, in aid of www.time-to-change.org.uk.

What’s a Drabble? It’s a (very) short story, exactly 100 words long. (You don’t count the title).

The idea is to write a Drabble related to every TV story, plus a chapter for any ephemera (ie, spin offs, specials, books, comics, audios etc). They can be funny, serious, both, pastiches, prequels, sequels or in-story events from a character’s point of view, letters, emails, tweets, poems, songs, emails, insurance claims, accident reports… whatever you like.

There are still around one hundred titles available, with a lot of recognised classics and goodly numbers of post 2005 slots available.

To participate, check out the Facebook group here:

The Twitter account here:

Or email direct: