Cliff Chapman: Cult Actor

Yes, with an “L”!

Some great audio work for the first quarter of 2016!

Firstly, I’m playing Tebecei, a young Space Marine in a short dramatised novella with narration for the Warhammer 40,000 Horus Heresy universe for Games Workshop, via The Black Library, called The Heart of the Pharos. This was recorded in January and is due for mp3 release soon with a physical CD release to follow. The episode has yet to receive a title – link soon!

Secondly, today I recorded the part of a Knight in Robin of Sherwood: Knights of the Apocalypse. A privilege to be in the company of so many stars, and a worthy project for charity and for fans of a classic series.

And thirdly, two years ago I played Sherlock for a pilot of a series of very clever and beautiful flash animations explaining copyright to university students. As this won an industry award in November, it’s full steam ahead for several more episodes this year! Looking forward to going back in to the studio in a few weeks.
Meanwhile, on stage, Room 5064 is cooking very nicely, in which I play Kenith Trodd, the legendary producer of Dennis Potter. This will be directed by Graeme Harper, famous for directing the expiration of Peter Davison, Colin Baker’s Dalek story, the departure of Rose Tyler and the arrival of John Simm’s Master in Doctor Who. As a huge Who fan, this is a massive deal. It is written by Adrian Rigelsford and produced by Gareth Kavanagh.